Welcome to our Dive Instructor Development Page

All of our Technical Diving training courses offered on our website, including all Sidemount levels, all deep and Trimix levels, all Overhead environment levels and all other levels are available for instructor training by Instructor Trainer Uwe Rath


Most dive instructors never look back and start a full career as a scuba instructor, in later stages of their career, they choose to climb up in the ladder and become an instructor trainer themselves, or start teaching technical diving. Your customers are always on holiday. Meaning they are in a good mood, have let go of the stresses of working life and you are about to give them the experience of a lifetime.

Uwetec Divecenter Instructor Trainer, Uwe Rath and our courses both aimed to make you feel comfortable teaching a level of choice. Professional Diving Courses Training is continued until both parties reach this comfort level, regardless the time frame.


Contact time is expensive and we like to add that our diving courses exceed the minimum agency requirements by far. Besides insights in course structures and techniques, we also introduce you into industry standards, and update you on the latest diving medical/scientific findings. The diving agencies manuals are our support materials; we provide papers and video feedback and focus on sharing our experience and show you the best way to assess your students.

Teaching diving, either recreational or technical, is a very rewarding, but also a very demanding profession and we like to make sure you can stand confident in front of your first class, able to answer the most scientific questions and your waterman ship in the water is that of a role model, able to demonstrate the most advanced skills and techniques in front of your students. Uwetec Divecenter welcomes you to a new level of diving training a commitment to lifelong class of continuing education